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The Blissful South Indian Filter Coffee (Why We Love It)

If you ever lived in or visited Bangalore, I bet you’d agree with me when I say that - visiting any of the hotels here in Bangalore is an engaging experience for all of your senses. The steam filled kitchens, the smells of the stewing sambar, the sizzle of the dosas and that crowded space in the far corner where coffee is brewed serving filter coffee to the patrons.

Bangalore does have a plenty of these great filter coffee serving joints - if you’re a filter coffee lover you can go on a treasure hunt to find these gems scattered all over the city. Now that you have a new activity to do during the weekends, the neighbouring state’s capital - the city of Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu too has a lot of places serving the authentic south Indian filter coffee. The Kumbakonam coffee is a beverage experience like no other.

Having a strong coffee at a simple south Indian hotel is an experience which has no comparison to itself. There’s something inherently beautiful about keeping things simple yet elegant; The essence of the filter coffee experience, lies in the way how simple elements come together- to create something which fuels the mornings of millions of people.

Yes, there are generations raised on the Italian espressos and pumpkin spiced latte’s but I believe the Indian filter coffee is here to stay for many generations to come. No fancy culinary invention can ever overtake the place of a masala dosa and a filter coffee from the hearts of the people from South India.

The lockdown and the work from home culture has taken us away from these iconic cities and all we are left with are the memories and the cravings for that hot cup of filter coffee. Let’s agree, if you’re not based at any of the south of Indian cities the chances of you getting to have a taste of authentic filter coffee is literally zero.

Now before you leave, tell us your story about your most memorable filter coffee moments in the comments and share this post with another coffee lover.


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